Conrad Zimmerman is a writer, game designer, podcaster and critic living in Philadelphia.

Conrad has been producing content for print and the web since 2001, blogging before blogs existed (and grateful nobody can find that material today). He cut his teeth on music criticism for Phoenix, Arizona culture publication SLAM Magazine, where he eventually served as Managing Editor.

In 2008, he joined the staff of, writing news and review coverage of video games. During his tenure, he served in numerous roles  (including management of the site’s news team), was a co-host on the popular podcast Podtoid, and produced a variety of original video content (such as HUGE News of the WeekOffice Chat, and The Daily Spelunk).

Following the cancellation of interview program Sup, Holmes? by Destructoid in 2014, Conrad ran a Kickstarter campaign to continue production independently.  A well-loved staple of the indie games community, the project achieved more than 250% of its funding goal and the series continued to run for a total of 200 episodes, concluding in 2016.

Conrad appears in the 2012 video game Retro City Rampage as an unlockable player skin, and his trademark moustache is referenced with an in-game item (The “Conradical”). His likeness and voice appear in the 2014 game LISA: The Painful RPG. He has also been published on The Escapist, appeared as a guest on convention panels, and served as co-host of The Dismal Jesters. He is currently producing the unscripted comedy podcast series FistShark Marketing, co-hosts The Spin-Off Doctors on The Jimquisition and provides consulting services to game developers and web publications.

Conrad is available for freelance writing, editing, and voice-over work. He can be reached here: