The Spin-Off Doctors

Join your old friends Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman as they get elbow-deep in licensed videogame material. Movies, TV shows, comics (but mostly movies), the doctors are here to examine.

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Older Shows

FistShark Marketing

An unscripted comedy podcast starring Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman as the inept, callous marketing executives of a shadowy conglomerate. (Explicit content; Listener discretion advised.)

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Sup, Holmes?

A series of in-depth conversations with professionals throughout the video game industry, including game designers, artists, musicians, producers and more. Hosted by Jonathan Holmes, former Editor-in-Chief of Destructoid.com.

Available on: YouTube | iTunes

The Dismal Jesters

Three idiots (Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman) give free reign to their darkest urges in this raunchy, tasteless exploration of the worst humanity has to offer.

Available on: The Internet Archive

Bit Transmission

Smart and engaging talk about video games, what makes them great and where they're headed. Hosted by Conrad Zimmerman with Colette Bennett and Jonathan Holmes.

Available on: The Internet Archive