Spin-Off Doctors Supplemental – Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

In the past, I’ve been asked to publish the synopsis notes I compile for episodes of The Spin-Off Doctors and it seemed like a good enough thing to start doing in 2017. Read on for a completely unedited (and expletive-filled) mess describing the plot of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.


Sagat and Ryu do fighting near a Street in a thunderstorm while someone is observing and assessing them. Ryu dragon punches Sagat’s chest and then hadokens the fuck out of him.

Cammy assaults a politician in broad daylight and is taken down by security. This bit is all shown on a monitor and Chun-Li explains Cammy’s connection to MI6 and that she has no memory of the last three years. This is a scheme by Shadowlaw to create terrorists from street fighters through hypnosis. Bison’s also recruited Vega, Balrog and Sagat to be terrorist people with him. Chun-Li proposes partnering with the American Military.

Chun Li goes to visit Guile, who insists that he doesn’t need help to take out Bison. Chun Li calls him a brush head.

Cut to an island somewhere and a high tech cargo plane lands in a secret base hidden behind a giant fucking head carved out of a plateau, so it’s real subtle. Bison and his mercenary gang disembark and everyone in the halls gets out of his way because he’s the shit. After a long walk to a throne, Bison’s creepy scientist shows him a cyborg that analyzes fighers and transmits information via satellite to Shadowlaw. Bison orders that Ryu be found because of how he kicked Sagat’s ass.

Ryu’s on a mountain, practicing his dragon punches and remembering sparring with his old pal Ken back at the dojo. Ken’s living the good life in a convertible with a blonde girlfriend in Seattle.

Fei Long blows off his acting commitment and attends an underground fight where Ryu has been forced to participate. Ryu takes out his first opponent in a single head butt, so Fei Long challenges him. Fei Long loses, much to the chagrin of his friend who made a bunch of bets on him. After, Fei Long talks to Ryu, saying he’d heard of the fight with Sagat and informs him of the Shadowlaw criminal empire he’s now entangled with. Ryu wanders off without saying goodbye.

One of Bison’s cyborgs finds T. Hawk and Ken fighting in a warehouse in Seattle and assesses them, but Ken walks away before delivering the finishing blow. Driving away, Ken thinks about his unfinished business with Ryu.

Ryu travels next to India and runs into a girl, causing her to spill her milk, which Ryu compensates her for, nodding at the girl’s grandmother before he leaves. He then finds Dhalsim and E. Honda having a street fight, and there’s also a cyborg there. Dhalsim senses Ryu’s power, distracting him long enough for E. Honda to turn the tide and Dhalsim submits.

Ryu’s long gone, though. The girl he gave money for the milk sees him and tries to deliver his change, getting her caught in a crossfire of gangsters performing a hit. Ryu kicks the gangsters, delivers the girl to paramedics, and is approached by E. Honda, who gives him half of the winnings from the fight with Dhalsim.

Bison gets a status update, and is shown the video of Ken fighting. His genius scientist figured out they have the same technique, did a bit of poking around and discovered that they trained together for 10 years and are considered equals. Bison decides to make Ken his next hypno terrorist. There’s also talk about Shadowlaw’s interest in the current US election (Ed Pressman). His scientist also shows him footage of Cammy being interrogated by Chun-Li.

Speaking of Chun Li, she stands up to Guile about his vengeance crusade against Bison and insists they work together. The pair track down Dee Jay, who’s defending himself while a cyborg watches. Guile tries to warn Dee Jay about Shadowlaw, but Dee Jay blows him off until Chun Li kicks the head off the cyborg. As Guile says these things are everywhere, it’s observed by another one standing on the roof of the building they’re in front of. Bison watches the feed and leers at Chun Li while savoring the memory of killing her father.

In Las Vegas, Zangief and Blanka fight for an audience of criminals and Blanka wins by shocking the fuck out of Zangief.

Chun Li takes an unnecessarily long shower, allowing someon ample time to break into her apartment. Guile tries to call, but she doesn’t answer because she’s in the shower. She towels off and puts on some music on a badass vintage vacuum tube hi-fi system. It turns out Vega’s the one who broke in and he attacks her. They fight, knocking the phone off the hook as Guile calls, bringing him to the scene, but Vega’s already gone, having been kicked out a window by Chun-Li.

Guile reports in and learns about Ken and Ryu, and that Bison is targeting Ken in Seattle.

Ken’s driving, rocking out to some Alice in Chains, and having an awkward conversation with his girlfriend about getting married when he remembers running with Ken when they trained together and how Ryu was better at running, nearly running into a semi. Arriving at his girlfriend’s mansion, she decides to consider his marriage proposal.

Back on the road, Ken is stopped by Bison’s carrier plane and Bison offers to make Ken a better fighter than Ryu. Ken rejects him, so Bison levitates him with psycho power. They fight, if you can call it that, as Bison deflects everything Ken throws at him, most notably a hadoken which bounces back on Ken. Guile finds Ken’s Porsche abandoned on the side of the road and knows he’s too late.

At Interpol HQ, Guile tries to figure out where Shadowlaw’s base is, expecting Ken to be taken there. Word comes in that Ryu has been located near the Laos/Thailand border, but it doesn’t seem Bison has found him yet. Guile then asks what the strategy is to eliminate Shadowlaw and a military commander suddenly does know where all their main bases are and plans to assault them in Cambodia. Guile visits Chun Li in the hospital and swears to get revenge for both of them.

Inside the Shadowlaw base, Ken is hooked up to a machine which is displaying his thoughts to Bison, who uses Psycho power to shatter Ken’s psyche.

Ryu climbs a sheer rock face and has more memories of training with Ken, this time explaining how Ryu got his bandanna. Guile’s on the way to see him, but Bison hears about it and figures out that Guile can lead them to Ryu. Bison’s looking forward to putting Ken in a fight with Ryu, against the warnings of his creepy scientist. Sagat also asks for the chance to fight Ryu and Bison puts him in his fucking place, ordering him to New York to kill Cammy and Vega.

Ryu is training at a mountaintop. E. Honda is there also for some reason when Guile shows up and tells them about Ken’s capture and terrorist conversion therapy. Bison’s jet arrives and Ken gets off. Bison taunts them and an enraged Ryu tries to attack him, but Ken intervenes. E. Honda tries to attack Bison, but blows past him and into Balrog. Bison challenges Guile and now everyone’s in pairs doing the fighting.

Balrog and E. Honda roll off a cliff. Bison humiliates Guile in combat and then again by turning his back instead of taking him out. As Ryu and Ken fight, Ken has brief moments of recollection and the incomplete reprogramming seems to freak him out to the point where he retreats and starts crying like a little baby. This disappoints Bison, who blasts Ken with pink energy and tosses him aside. Bison stands between Ryu and Ken, challenging him. Ken has another flashback, remembering Ryu’s last day at the dojo.

Bison offers to spare Ryu in exchange for his servitude, which Ryu declines, and they fight more.

Ken has more flashbacks, but Bison’s in this one and suddenly his brain is normal but his legs don’t work. He drags himself up the hill, sees the plane, remembers what happened, and vows revenge on Bison before falling back down the hill because his legs don’t work. He tries to martial arts his legs into working, which eventually does the trick. Ken joins Ryu to confront Bison, engaging in a lengthy battle that ends with the pair performing simultaneous hadokens which launch Bison into his jet, which explodes. E. Honda arrives with an unconscious Guile and Balrog over each shoulder.

The American military forces destroy the Shadowlaw base.

Guile gets an urgent call from the hospital and it takes him a while to connect the dots and realize that it might pertain to Chun Li. He drives like a maniac, returning to her room to find a body under a sheet. Crying, he tells her they got their revenge and she pulls the sheet off to do some goofy fucking anime shit.

Ryu and Ken decide to part ways again with their score unsettled, saying they’ll settle their score at a future score settling date. Ken’s girlfriend Eliza picks up Ken and Ryu wanders in the opposite direction as the credits roll. Suddenly, a semi driven by Bison comes from behind and Ryu jumps to kick it.

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